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Adult Psychotherapy

Hanover Psychiatry offers a wide range of types of psychotherapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Common symptoms/issues addressed in therapy include anxiety, worry, sadness and depression, anger, irritability, chronic pain, sleep problems, attention difficulties, mood swings, relationship difficulties, stomach problems, adjustment to change, work challenges, […]

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Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Psychiatrists and psychologists at Hanover Psychiatry are available to conduct psychiatric or psychological diagnostic evaluations and provide ongoing psychotherapy for children ages 4 and up, as well as families. Therapy for children and adolescents uses evidenced based practices and is tailored to the developmental age of the child and often times involves the parent(s) and […]

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Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluation for Children and Adolescents

Neuropsychological evaluations are a scientifically-based way to assess a person’s functioning in domains such as intellect, memory, attention, speed of information processing, reading and math abilities, and executive functions including impulse control, problem solving, ability to think flexibly, and organization. Some ways that Neuropsychological evaluations can be beneficial include: Identify cognitive problems that are not […]

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Professionals Health Program

Our Professionals Health Program conducts psychological, psychiatric and neuropsychological evaluations to make determinations of the impact of mental illness and/or substance use on a person’s ability to perform their job.  Recommendations may include a plan for remediation, to help a person maintain employability or return to work.

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Forensic Evaluations

A forensic evaluation is done by a psychologist or psychiatrist who has an understanding of how psychological issues may intersect with legal issues. Our team at Hanover Psychiatry is available to provide expert psychological and psychiatric information and evaluation results sort out many complex questions, including: Custody disputes Psychological injury Competency (legal, financial) Mental status […]

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Diagnostic Evaluations

Our diagnostic evaluations are conducted by expert clinicans. Our administrative coordinators will match you with the evaluation clinician who best fits your presenting concerns and symptoms. Using a biopsychosocial perspective, we aim to understand all aspects of your well being and functioning, resulting in an accurate diagnostic impression and recommendations.

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